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To Invite or Not to Invite: Navigating the Decision of Including Kids at Your Wedding

While T-Rise Ranch is a family friendly venue, welcoming children of all ages, we know that including children is not for everyone. This is an important choice that needs to be well thought out as it can significantly impact the atmosphere, logistics, and overall experience of your big day. While the growing and more popular trend is offering a kid-free atmosphere, here are some thoughts to help you navigate this important decision, along with tips on how to handle either scenario.

**Pros of Including Kids:**

1. Family Atmosphere: Including kids can enhance the familial feel of your wedding, creating a warm and inclusive environment.

2. Memorable Moments: Children can add charming and spontaneous moments to your ceremony and reception, such as adorable flower girls and ring bearers.

3. Guest Convenience: Allowing kids can be more convenient for guests who might struggle to find childcare, ensuring they can attend without worry.

**Cons of Including Kids:**

1. Noise and Disruption: Children can be unpredictable, and their noise or restlessness might disrupt the ceremony or reception.

2. Extra Planning: Accommodating kids requires additional planning, especially if including kid-friendly meals, entertainment, and supervision.

3. Budget Impact: More guests mean higher costs, and this includes the added expenses for kid-specific arrangements.

Tips for a Kid-Free Wedding

1. Communicate Early: Clearly state on your invitations and wedding website that the event is adults-only. Phrases like “Adult Reception” or “Respectfully, an Adult Affair” can convey the message politely.

2. Offer Alternatives: Suggest reliable babysitting services or provide information about nearby childcare options to help guests with children.

3. Explain Your Decision: If asked, explain your reasons for having an adult-only wedding. Whether it’s about maintaining a specific atmosphere or keeping the event intimate, most guests will understand.

4. Host a Post-Wedding Event: Consider hosting a family-friendly event post-wedding, such as a casual brunch, where children are welcome. This allows guests with kids to celebrate with you in a different setting.

Tips for Including Kids at Your Wedding:

1. Create a Kid-Friendly Zone: Designate a special area at your venue where kids can play and be entertained. Equip it with soft mats, toys, games, and craft supplies.

2. Hire Professional Childcare: Professional babysitters or nannies can provide supervision and engage

the kids with activities, ensuring their safety and entertainment.

3. Offer Kid-Friendly Meals: Include a menu with kid-friendly options like mini sliders, chicken nuggets, fruit skewers, and veggie sticks.

4. Organize Activities: Set up fun activities such as lawn games, a bubble station, or a scavenger hunt to keep the kids occupied and happy.

5. Provide Quiet Time Options: Create a reading nook or a movie corner with children’s books and kid-friendly films to offer a quiet retreat for kids who need a break.

6. Ask your Venue for Ideas Ask your venue what past couples have done to create a child-friendly



At T-Rise Ranch, we have multiple buildings and spaces designed for couples to use in a variety of ways to help their vision come to reality. Our Farmhouse is a quiet location for hired babysitters to entertain little ones when the days activity gets to be too tiring. Our large outdoor spaces can more than adequately handle bounce houses and other outdoor activities.  We also offer a pool and a pond for boating and fishing. Of course, supervision required for the safety and fun for all involved.

When making your final decision, consider the following:

**Guest List Composition:** Think about how many of your guests have children and how this will impact their ability to attend.

**Venue Suitability:** Assess whether your chosen venue is kid-friendly and has the space and facilities to accommodate children.

**Personal Preferences:* * Reflect on your vision for your wedding day. If you dream of a sophisticated, adult-centric celebration, a kid-free wedding might be the way to go. Conversely, if family inclusiveness is a priority, embracing a kid-friendly event will align with your values.

Deciding whether to include kids at your wedding is a personal choice that depends on your preferences, guest list, and overall vision for your special day. By considering the pros and cons and planning accordingly, you can create a wedding experience that is enjoyable for everyone involved. Whether you choose to have an adults-only celebration or a kid-inclusive event, thoughtful preparation will ensure your wedding is memorable and smooth for all your guests. For more personalized advice and tips on planning your wedding, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help you create the perfect celebration!

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