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Quiet Moments

Tales from T-Rise Ranch

One bright, sunny, Saturday morning, we glanced out our window and saw a person walking along the pasture fence line. Now, we are used to seeing people all over the property when it is rented out for weekend weddings, but in this instance, the solitary person was way in the distance near the corral. Not the usual place we would find a guest early in the morning.

Being cautious, we kept an eye on the stranger and as he drew closer, we recognized him as the groom from the afternoon’s wedding. His gait was slow and measured. Clearly, he was taking a morning walk and deep in thought. What was he thinking on such a beautiful morning on the day of his wedding?

I can only speculate, but I think there could have been three scenarios running though his mind.

In the first, I imagine him walking in quiet contemplation, sharing his inner-most fears. Today marks a profound moment in his life that will forever divide the rest of his life into a time before marriage, and a time of marriage. As he walks, perhaps he expresses a fear. “Will I be the husband she needs me to be? Will she be the wife that supports me in tough times? Will her daughters love me as a father? Will I be a good dad? In-laws?”

In the second scenario, he is in silent contemplation and rejoicing. “Thank you for this beautiful day! Thank you for bringing her to me! Thank you for a wonderful, large, new family! Thank you for allowing me to love them with all my heart! I rejoice at how you have led me to the most joyous day of my life!

The third scenario is actually a combination of the first two. He quietly, and joyfully communes with the Lord, sharing all his feelings. All the fear. All the joy. All the nervousness. All the excitement. Overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings he is about to receive on this, his wedding day. His solitary walk is his quiet time to share it all with the One who understands it all.

As we watched the groom on his walk, he stopped, picked wildflowers from the field, and put them in his shirt pocket. I have no doubt, they were for his new bride and her little girls. Another beautiful, quiet moment that we were humbled to have witnessed here at T-Rise Ranch.

Peaceful and quiet moments are not what every bride or groom needs. But if you are seeking that special place on the most momentous day of your life, we can help.

Let us help you find your quiet moment….

Author: Todd Abner, owner of T-Rise Ranch

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