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Just another perfect moment here at T-Rise Ranch...

Tales from T-Rise Ranch by owner, Todd Abner

This really is a special place.

We recently had another beautiful wedding here at T-Rise Ranch. As I jumped into the golf cart, ready to fulfill my garbage-man duties, I paused to look around before hitting the gas.

On one side of me, the bride and groom were getting pictures taken by the pond as the sky grew orange in the Oklahoma sunset. On the pond, kids raced in the paddle boats while a grandpa took his granddaughter for a ride in the canoe. Precocious boys tried to catch little fish in Solo cups by the shore. (Disclaimer: We take no ownership of muddy hands and shoes…) In the distance, I could hear music, see flashing lights and people dancing at the reception, while friends and family laughed, swapping stories on the Party Barn porch. As I looked to the field, a group of little ones were rushing out to greet the cows coming up for evening feed. (I made sure they all had handfuls of cow cookies to feed them!) 

WOW! Just.. WOW!

Fun, adventure, fellowship, laughter,

wonder, discovery, peace, beauty, and treasured memories all captured in a single snapshot of time. In  these chaotic, unsettling times, it is rare that we can find these moments of joy.

But, they can be found here at T-Rise Ranch.

I don’t know what your picture-perfect wedding / family reunion / event  looks like, but if even a portion of your dream event looks like this, you owe it to yourself to come see us.

We are excited to help you find your perfect moments.

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